My work focuses on finding the inspirational, educational, and empowering aspects of everyday life.
*Lead Graphic Designer at Dynamics Inc.
*Currently scheduled to graduate from AcademyPGH (coding/software development training) in Sept. 2018.
I have vast work experience in video, audio, and digital creation. Whether completing an independent project or collaborating with others, I take every opportunity to bring beauty & enlightenment to the forefront of my work. From marketing initiatives for businesses to experimental music videos, my art encompasses a wide range of creative multimedia production.
I was recently awarded an "Emerging Artist" scholarship from the Pittsburgh Cultural Trust for the 2018 Three Rivers Arts Festival.
Along with the scholarship, I was separately awarded:
* Acceptance into the 2018 Juried Visual Arts Exhibition with my piece "Full Metal Dreams".
*Three Rivers Honors award for my digital artwork and booth display. (pictured below)

I use various mediums to provide a catalyst for self-expression and to capture the artistic expression of others. It is important for us to document and reflect on our lives. Through design, videography, photography, and audio production, I find interesting ways to capture and highlight the importance of the world that surrounds us on a daily basis.
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